Why Velas Jersey’s Are Your Next Purchase

Why Velas Jersey’s Are Your Next Purchase

Ever wonder what it would feel like to go a full day without having to fix or adjust your hijab constantly? Well, look no further — VELA’s Jersey scarves are just the right solution to this never-ending problem of comfort and fit when it comes to wearing a hijab.

VELA’s new Winter Collection features a new Jersey scarf that exhibits a combination of a non-slip and 4-way stretch fabric that brings you ultimate comfort as the temperatures decrease and we prepare for the winter.

“Winter is coming” Ned Stark famously once said….. ❄️

Every girl knows that feeling of stepping outside on a cold winter day and being engulfed in the icy and crisp air. We all bring our sweaters and jackets when we see the temperature hitting the 70s. Why not give ourselves the same grace and comfort when it comes to hijabs? Winter winds and chilly temperatures are no joke, but the VELA jersey scarf is here to save you from those unnecessary chills. With its new and advanced formula that includes added softness and 4-way stretch, these scarves will protect you from any harsh cold winds and weather. Once you wrap it on, the VELA Jersey fabric is guaranteed to stay put and provide an extra layer of warmth while still granting you a breathable finish.

One and Done 💌

If there is one word that can describe the VELA Jersey, it is: effortless

It is the one hijab I can grab regardless of the activity. It is the one hijab I never forget to pack on trips (if I am not already wearing it on my flight!). It is the one hijab that brings me ultimate ease regardless of the occasion. VELA’s advanced comfort-friendly fabric is the perfect choice if you are going for a chic, sleek, elated look on any day of the week. The VELA Jersey Mini is an even more efficient option for ladies who are looking for a lightweight fit and less fabric. Whether you are trying out the hijab for the first time or simply crave an up-do style, the VELA Jersey Minis are an irresistible choice.

Versatility 🍄

One of the many perks of the VELA Jersey is its super versatile and adaptable fabric. The variation in size and color allows you to dress it up, or down — whether you are going on a jog or attending a ball, the VELA jersey can elevate any look. VELA’s velvety and butter-soft fabric also provides consistency in look and a neat appearance that is guaranteed to maintain its shape and style throughout the day, ensuring you get a polished and put-together look. 

With our VELA Jersey collection live now, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to get your hands on this scarf. Crafted from a soft and stretchy (4-way stretch!!!) fabric, these hijabs are an ideal choice for all the girlies looking for the perfect warmth and style during this winter season. VELA Jersey’s non-slip properties and natural draping abilities make wearing hijab super easy without the constant readjustments, adding a flair of convenience to everyday wear.


  • mariam on

    oh no no wonder the material feels different than last time 😭 i bought the jersey’s for summer bc i liked my previous jersey purchase not knowing they changed the fabric to be thicker 😭

  • Faisa Kalif on


  • Inayah on

    I love a Jersey scarf, they sit so elegantly and are hassle free!

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