A Gym Girl's Go-To Hijab

A Gym Girl's Go-To Hijab

In the last few years, there has been a growing movement to inclusivity in the fitness space, encouraging people from all backgrounds to promote and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. A group that is often forgotten but still paramount when it comes to gym wear and fitness empowerment is Muslim women who wear the hijab. 

Wearing the hijab at the gym defies stereotypes around Muslim women being present in the fitness and physician activity scene. Muslim women pursuing fitness-oriented activities especially in the gym space, makes it a place for empowerment, diversity, and breaking down barriers. 

Embracing modesty and the hijab doesn't mean we have to compromise on style or performance. That is why the VELA Ruching Hijab is a practical solution for all of the girls seeking an effortless and stylish option when going to the gym. The Ruching hijab’s 4-way stretch, breathable, and non-slip fabric provides the coverage needed while also allowing you the range of motion regardless of your exercise habits! The VELA Ruching has been designed to address the dynamic needs and considerations of Muslim women engaging in physical exercise.

The soft and breathable fabric that is built into the hijab helps make sure that sweat is effectively drawn away from skin, keeping you feeling cool and comfortable during high-intensity workouts. The Ruching was also crafted with a lightweight design in mind, making sure the workout experience is more enjoyable and comfy. The 4-way stretch feature of the VELA Ruching Hijab also ensures a secure fit that prevents the hijab from slipping during workouts. More importantly, the VELA Ruching is special because it exhibits an inclusive design that caters to a variety of face shapes and sizes — providing a suitable option for every girl looking for the perfect gym hijab.

VELA recognizes that style is important to Muslim women too, hence why the current VELA Ruching hijab drop features a variety of widely loved classic shades such as truffle mushroom, natural stone, dark chocolate, and olive! 

The Ruching Hijab is my #1 choice when it comes to gym wear because it offers a practical and comfortable solution for Muslim women while also making sure we don't have to compromise on comfort during exercise. The VELA Ruching’s thoughtful design and functionality is a valuable addition to any Muslim girls gym wardrobe! Shop the Ruching collection now 💌


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