We work hard to craft our scarves with the intention of developing unique pieces. Valuing quality over quantity is not an ethical bandwagon we just joined. That means every element of developing our scarves is thoughtfully crafted with you, our planet and our artisans in mind.

Our dye masters come from a tradition that is handed down from their forefathers, who perfected the science of hand-dyeing over generations. We are honored to work with this kind of dyeing that supports small business artisans who in turn support their communities. Every one of our scarves is customized in-house to provide you with the most complimenting tones.

Small batches, slow fashion, big love. Vela supports and encourages hiring women in a male dominated textile industry. Of the small team that we work with, 70% are women.

We work with cotton mills in the South of India to cultivate our own one-of-a-kind fabrics that are exclusively made for you. There is a reason why our scarves are so loved: we don’t compromise on quality, softness, and there’s comfort from start and finish.

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est. 2009


VELA was born with the daring idea to revolutionize hijab and the way the world looked at modest style. Marwa was only 18yrs old when she developed one-of-a-kind designs and scarf styling trends that elevated the modest fashion scene. VELA quickly became the first hijab brand to create intricate pieces. 



The co-founders and sisters (Marwa & Tasneem) traveled across the globe in search for the perfect fabric. "We found ourselves in India where we worked closely with our team and created our own fabric that is custom woven and used today in our collections."

10 year anniversary


VELA is a globally recognized brand that focuses on creating the worlds most comfortable scarves and generates a powerful community of women celebrating one another for their uniqueness and strength.