Our Favorite Podcasts

Our Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are magical. You can learn about new topics while multitasking and feel like you’re part of an intimate conversation between friends, all through the medium of voice. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite podcasts and podcast episodes that we feel are relevant to the moment we’re in, and especially those with a focus on mental health. Share some of your favorite podcasts in the comments! 

Podcast: My Best Friend is a Therapist

Why we love it: Two women of color therapists tackling the stigma of mental health in our communities? Sign us up. 

Listen to Episode: Therapy Does not Discriminate against Religions

Podcast: Arab American Psycho

Why we love it: For those who don’t know the hilarious Noor Elkhaldi, welcome to the club. What banter dreams are made of with cool guests. 

Listen to EpisodeMental Health Check with Ascia

Podcast: Minnana Minnakum

Why we love it: Light hearted conversations in (mostly) Arabic on controversial topics with the inimitable Alaa Balkhy, who feels like the sister you always wanted. 

Listen to Episode: Changing the Dimensions of Artwork

Podcast: AYS Hour with Noor Tagouri

Why we love it: The extraordinarily talented Noor Tagouri hosts nuanced conversations through the lens of service. We are counting the days to season two!

Listen to Episode: Finding Out What Makes You...You, and Turning it Into a Business

Podcast: Yalla Bye 

Why we love it: A fun podcast discussing all things Arab-related in a way that relatable to everyone. 

Listen to Episode: Let’s talk about being children of immigrants 

Podcast: The Woke Desi

Why we love it: Giving South Asians a voice, our favorite episode is with the remarkable Sahaj Kohli of Brown Girl Therapy, who runs one of the best IG accounts tackling mental health for children of immigrants. 

Listen to Episode: Brown Therapy (feat. Sahaj Kohli of Brown Girl Therapy)

Podcast: Founded

Why we Love it: Our VELA Game Changer Rana Abdelhamid has added podcast host to her incredible list of achievements and we're here for it! She interviews inspiring women founders, including none other than another one of our awesome Game Changers, Layla Shaikley

It launched yesterday so listen to the first episode with Noura Liben.   


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