Easy VELA Hacks

Easy VELA Hacks

Our community is the most creative one out there. From styling to photography, we’re always learning from you. Over the years we’ve come across some really useful hacks to take care of your VELA. We’re sharing a few below, if we miss any let us know in the comments! 

1. A refreshing spritz can go a long way

Our VELA’s can get pretty wrinkly from just how many times we reach for them. When we want to quickly freshen up our scarves we spritz some of this magical Downy Wrinkle Releaser Spray and watch the wrinkles disappear. If only skincare was this easy!

2. Add some heat!

Picture this: you want your VELA looking crisp and flowy and there’s no time to pull out the iron. One solution in such a pinch is to sprinkle some water with your fingers and use your blow dryer to smooth out any creases. And if you want to make the edges that frame your face look brand new, you can even gently use your straightener. 

Muted Sage

3. VELA hoops to the rescue

A VELA hoop can take your scarf game to another level. Revamp your older scarves by adding the hoop, and find new ways to style your scarves that you’ll fall in love with. It can also hold certain styles in place. You can find a tutorial on how to use a VELA hoop here.

VELA Hoop in Tortoise


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