Introducing Retro Prints

Our campaign against unrealistic industry standards in the modest fashion space.

A reclamation of what beauty means to us. A celebration of our hyperpigmentation and acne. A love letter to our bare skin & ourselves. 

None of the photographs in our campaign have been retouched, because bare is rare. — Oh, & these fun retro prints in both silk + modal are pretty iconic too. 

What sets it apart

Designed exclusively in-house, these retro prints are carefully developed on our signature modal and 100% Mulberry Silk fabrics to suit you. 

blue swirl modalblue swirl modal
Sold out

blue swirl modal

$20 USD $27 USD
checkered brown modalcheckered brown modal
On sale

checkered brown modal

$20 USD $27 USD
latte swirl modallatte swirl modal
Sold out

latte swirl modal

$27 USD
checkered purple modalcheckered purple modal
On sale

checkered purple modal

$20 USD $27 USD
lavender swirl silklavender swirl silk
Sold out

lavender swirl silk

$45 USD
red swirl silkred swirl silk
Sold out

red swirl silk

$45 USD
checkered green silkcheckered green silk
On sale

checkered green silk

$38 USD $45 USD
naturescape silknaturescape silk

naturescape silk

$45 USD
green plaid silkgreen plaid silk

green plaid silk

$45 USD
lava lamp silklava lamp silk

lava lamp silk

$45 USD
pink plaid silkpink plaid silk
On sale

pink plaid silk

$42 USD $45 USD


Embrace yourself


Beauty standards aren’t real, but you are 


Bare is Beautiful 


Upcycled scrunchies

Your hair should be as cozy and cute as you. The softest scrunchie for your hair without all the breakage, made from 100% up-cycled fabric

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