What Does VELA Mean To Me?

What Does VELA Mean To Me?

When I think of VELA, the words hijab, modesty and femininity instantly come to mind. Prior to practicing my deen, femininity was not something on the table. I used to believe that carrying a masculine energy made a woman more powerful. But it all changed when I made the decision to fully embrace my role as a muslim woman. And it starts with the obligatory: the hijab. 

My first ever VELA purchase was a basic, black modal hijab. At that time, I was still navigating on hijab styling and had not yet developed my signature ‘hijab technique’. But the black modal was so easy to drape and shape that I could simply place it on my head without a pin and be done with it. From there, I developed my relationship with the hijab, and the more I learned to love the hijab, the more I came to submit to the feminine energy that our religion had always taught us. 

But what’s more inspiring is witnessing numerous Muslim girls embracing the hijab after being influenced by VELA's stylish scarves on social media. That's the beauty of our religion, isn't it? A simple piece of fabric can awaken the femininity within and lead us to embrace modesty. With this, I pray that Muslim women all around the world never lose their hold on modesty. I pray that they continue to steadfastly wear the hijab and strive to improve themselves in a way that pleases Allah SWT. 

Most importantly, I pray that VELA never loses its resources to continue creating hijabs and influencing Muslim women like myself to embrace the beauty of modesty and femininity. Serving as an inspiration for all young women, proving that you can be stylish while adhering to their religious practices.

Having said that, despite the wear and tear my black modal hijab has endured from regular use, it will always have a special place in my heart as a symbol of the elegance represented by VELA, a modest brand for modern Muslim women.

So, what does VELA truly mean to me? It represents every aspect of femininity and modesty. From the way we dress and speak, to the way we humbly follow the command of Allah SWT. And it starts with the obligatory… the hijab. 


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