Welcoming Ramadan With VELA X Nominal Collection

Welcoming Ramadan With VELA X Nominal Collection

In a stunning partnership that weaves together the rich tapestry of cultures, aesthetics, and the essence of Ramadan, VELA scarves and Nominal jewelry have teamed up to celebrate the start of the Holy Month with our latest collection! A collection aimed at fusing art and profound values, delicately blending two significant themes that highlight the profound connection between humanity, nature, and the spiritual realm: celestial and floral patterns. 


Titled "Starry Nights, Fragrant Days," this collection showcases 7 new printed hijabs from VELA and 8 jewelry pieces from Nominal, each meticulously crafted to honor the resplendence and significance of Ramadan, like the crescent moon and stars. As proud Muslim-owned brands, VELA x Nominal Collection aspires to unite and honor our Muslim communities who have shaped us, encouraging you to take pride in your unique identity! 

Shop “Starry Nights, Fragrant Days” collection today.


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