VELA’s Ramadan ‘24 Collection: Shop the Drop

VELA’s Ramadan ‘24 Collection: Shop the Drop

Embracing modesty in our daily lives can be challenging, yet during Ramadan, it brings out the best within us. At VELA, our new collection of abayas aims to reflect the essence of this sacred month. Designed to seamlessly integrate into our everyday attire, these timeless yet unique pieces allow us to maintain our comfort zones while exuding elegance effortlessly.

Our latest drop features six buttery soft abayas, each crafted with care and attention to detail. Among them, the beloved curve abayas make a striking return, now available in two new captivating shades: Grey and Tan. Grey, an understated winter hue, serves as the perfect neutral backdrop, while tan offers a seamless transition from Ramadan into the warm colors of spring.

Whether it's a quick grocery run before iftar or attending Taraweeh prayers at the masjid, these abayas are tailored to accommodate every occasion. Their open design allows us to layer them over our favorite outfits, allowing our personalities to shine through while upholding modesty during this sacred time.

Pairing the grey or tan abaya with a dark jean and a complementary VELA x Nominal print hijab or a woven hijab from VELA’s last restock effortlessly combines comfort and style, ensuring we feel our best throughout the day and while fasting. With VELA's new collection, embracing modesty becomes a natural extension of our daily routine, empowering us to navigate Ramadan with grace and elegance.

Two abayas that have sparked my excitement are the pleated ones, available in Deep Berry and Black. These understated yet refined pieces effortlessly complement my VELA hijabs, creating a seamless harmony in both their graceful flow and the coverage they provide. Coordinating my hijab with my abaya effortlessly ensures a cohesive look without any extra effort – a testament to the luxurious simplicity of VELA's attire.

Adding a unique twist to a classic fit, VELA introduces two new metallic abayas in striking Pink and Tan hues. These radiant styles are sure to make you glow. Their open features also allow for pairing with VELA's new underdresses, available in Black and Beige, offering options for either a cool contrast or effortless coordination. I'm already planning to pick up all four for their versatile appeal.

VELA's commitment to inclusivity is evident in their size range, catering from size 2 to 16, putting my mind at ease when selecting the perfect fit. Whether it's running to the mosque, celebrating Ramadan, or embracing #abayaFridays, VELA's flowing abayas add the perfect touch to elevate any ensemble.

Recognizing the importance of being prepared to absorb everything during this sacred time, VELA has crafted a limited edition tote bag designed to carry all our essentials. Featuring celestial imagery and the Islamic year 1445, this tote is a truly unique piece that reflects our identity in everyday life. Crafted from durable canvas material, it's the perfect companion for long Qiyam nights at the mosque, ensuring we can carry everything we need with ease.

VELA's latest abaya collection offers a blend of elegance, versatility, and inclusivity, making it the perfect choice for Ramadan and beyond. From timeless classics like the pleated abayas to the dazzling metallic styles, each piece is thoughtfully designed to elevate your look while providing comfort and coverage. The seamless coordination with VELA hijabs ensures effortless sophistication, while the range of sizes caters to diverse body types, ensuring everyone feels confident and included. And with the addition of the limited edition tote bag, VELA ensures you're equipped to embrace the spiritual journey of Ramadan with ease and style. As we embark on this Holy Month, let VELA be your trusted companion for all your Ramadan looks.


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