Seeking Marriage: Invoking Allah's Names

Seeking Marriage: Invoking Allah's Names

It looks like the issue of marriage has become one of the main concerns within Muslim community. Especially in this generation where the concept of marriage and weddings are heavily promoted on social media. This leads people to actually romanticizing the idea of marriage without actually understanding the purpose and the responsibilities that come with it. 

In the Quran, Allah said, "They [your wives] are clothing for you and you are clothing for them" (Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 187). Why does Allah use the term 'garments' to describe a husband and wife? Because when we delve deeper into this aspect, we understand that a 'garment' or 'clothing' should be something that defines who we truly are. It gives others a glimpse of our personality even before we have a chance to introduce ourselves. 

On another note, a garment serves as a form of protection. It conceals our imperfections and other things we may not want others to know about, especially our awrah. Similarly, spouses should fulfill the role of protecting, uplifting, and supporting each other in overcoming the challenges of society. 

That's why it's crucial for Muslims to find the right person to build a happy and sacred marriage. Because the person you marry will be the one who accompanies you to Jannah. I understand that it's challenging for our generation to find the perfect spouse who is serious about practicing the religion of Allah. But it's important to remember that we should always seek Allah's Help and turn to Him. If we want a practicing partner, we should also focus on bettering ourselves. If we seek someone who is close to Allah, we should take steps towards our Creator as well.

One of the most important steps to gain Allah's blessings is to raise our hands and make dua to Allah. As He has promised us, "Virtuous women are for virtuous men, and virtuous men are for virtuous women" [Surah An-Nur, verse 26]. Here are five powerful names of Allah that you can invoke when seeking marriage.

  1. Al-Wadud 

Wadud means to love, to be affectionate, to long for, to desire and to wish for. In summary, it’s an expression of love in all aspects of life. Allah SWT refers to Himself as ‘Wadud’ twice in the Quran. 

Say: “Ya Allah, Ya Wadud, I ask You to shower me with Your love, mercy and affection. And unite me with the person You have written my name next to in Lauhul Mahfuz. Bless us with a beautiful marriage filled with love, abundance, mercy and affection until the end of time.” 

  1. Al-Wajid 

Allah’s name Al-Wajid comes in two meanings, referring to The Resourceful and The Finder. This means that whenever we are in search of something, He will help us in finding it. He is the source of all things, just like the concept of Kun FaYa Kun, "Be, and it is."

Say: “Ya Allah, Ya Wajid, I am desperately in need of Your help. Grant me the best spouse who will be the coolness of my eyes and heart. Grant me someone who would benefit my dunya and akhirah. Grant me someone who will support me and accompany me in this journey of life; because from You and to You we belong.” 

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  1. Al-Mujeeb 

One of the most desirable names of Allah among His slaves – Al-Mujeeb, which means The Responder. The name is mentioned in the Quran once and is beautifully paired with Al-Qareeb, the Close One. Allah SWT is near to us, and He will always respond.

Say: “Ya Allah, Ya Mujeeb. You have promised to answer us when we call upon You. I call upon You to grant me the best of what my heart desires. You know me better than I know myself, so guide me to the right path and bless me with a righteous partner for the betterment of my dunya and akhirah.”

  1. Al-Fattah 

Allah is Al-Fattah. He has the power to open His doors of mercy as He wishes. His guidance helps to clarify anything that is unclear. From Him and to Him belongs all the keys to victory and success.

Say: “Ya Allah, Ya Fattah, the Opener. Open all the doors of mercy for me. Open all the doors of khayr for me, and open the door of marriage for me. Make marriage easy for me and for all Muslims who seek marriage for the sake of pleasing You. Bless us with the best of partners. Make it easy for all of us, as You have the power to make the impossible possible.” 

  1. Al-Latif 

Allah’s name Al-Latif carries beauty and grace of subtlety. He shows His mercy to His creation with finesse, showering them with His kindness in the most gentle manner.

Say: “Ya Allah, Ya Latif. You are the most kind, the most gentle. Always look at me with Your kindness, and help me to be kind to Your creation. Grant me a gentle heart and bestow upon me a partner who carries gentleness in their hearts, too. Help us to become the best version of ourselves in this dunya.” 

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