Restock Drop: Must Haves for Winter Closet

Restock Drop: Must Haves for Winter Closet

In a world where diversity is often celebrated, fashion continues to be a powerful medium for self-expression. As the shelves are replenished and styles are diversified, the woven hijab takes center stage, weaving a narrative of identity, empowerment, acceptance, as well as comfort. Such an airy and breathable material is always my go to in choosing my hijab for the day. A brand like VELA, that combines both comfort and beauty is one that I happily choose time and time again. With all this in mind, VELA is restocking on a majority of their woven hijabs: hijabs that are designed in house and hand crafted in their signature modal fabric. 

You may need to clear out some shelf space (maybe more than a few) because VELA is restocking more than 10 woven colors! Picture this: Light Olive, Dark Moss, Maroon, Timeless Grey, Saffron Chai, Deep Taupe, Lavender Lights, Celestial Pink, Bambi Brown, and Sadaqah Blue. 

Among the tons of colors captivating my winter wardrobe, Dark Moss stands out as a particular favorite. Its exquisite neutrality effortlessly complements all my winter outfits, serving as the perfect canvas for various combinations. Whenever I desire a pop of color in my outfits, Dark Moss is my go to. Its remarkable versatility allows it to harmoniously compliment my skin tone while effortlessly elevating both darker and lighter options. Opting for such a perfectly concentrated shade, with a classic monochrome matching set effortlessly enhances the overall aesthetic, providing a sophisticated touch without the need for excessive effort. 

In this instance, I decided to blend coziness with style: a beige wool turtleneck and fleece matching set, adorned with a coordinating winter scarf. Seeking to break away from an all-white ensemble and introduce a contrast, I chose to incorporate Dark Moss—an exquisite color that not only enhances my overall look but also accentuates it. With such a contrasting but complimenting color, all parts of my outfit are able to stand out on their own individually, while also creating a harmonious outfit overall. These neutral and vibrant combinations not only elevate the overall aesthetic but also add a touch of vibrancy to counter the dry season that is winter.

As shown before, and throughout my colder outfits, no winter ensemble is complete without a winter scarf, an indispensable element for both warmth and style. VELA's woven hijabs, with their lightness, become the cornerstone of my layering strategy. Their airy nature allows me to effortlessly layer additional scarves and accessories, creating a dynamic and classic winter look that combines comfort, warmth, and a vibrant touch of color!

Crafted with you in mind, these scarves are making a grand return in VELA's classic standard, cozy double, just-right mini, and versatile square sizes. Standard, a personal favorite of mine, encompasses all the values that make VELA’s scarves something to return to: flowy, weightless and continuously unique! The mini, a favorite among younger hijabis, embraces the joy of minimal fabric. As for the square size, it's one of a kind sizing is in high demand and very limited.

VELA stands out as one of the rare brands with such inclusive sizing, acknowledging every conceivable way a hijab can be worn and celebrating the diverse styles embraced by hijabis. Going the extra mile, VELA provides magnets and hijab hoops to elevate your hijab game, recognizing that every hijabi deserves the tools to shine a little brighter.


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