Hijab: Is the struggle from you or your environment?

Hijab: Is the struggle from you or your environment?

The day I became Muslim was the day I became a hijabi. I couldn't have made that decision if it weren't for the healthy environment I surrounded myself with through the right friends and guidance. Three months before I became Muslim, I began practicing the hijab in my room and in public while keeping it a secret from friends and family. My fears mainly stemmed from what my family would think, but deep down I feared myself. I feared not being able to commit to the hijab and meet all the requirements that came from it aside from wearing a piece of fabric. There is immense pressure to represent an entire religion, but for the sake of Allah (swt) it is possible and will come with ease. I've listed down below personal advice to fix the environment you're in as someone who's personally greatly feared wearing hijab to becoming someone who loves wearing it everywhere I go regardless of what people think. May Allah swt make it easy for all of us. Ameen. 

Choose Friends wisely

Before I became Muslim, I had many inspiring Muslim friends that talked about Allah swt everywhere we went. The topic of conversation always led back to Allah swt. Because of these friends, I found it so much easier to stay on the right path and improve my deen since we really do become who your friends are. In the past, I had friends that would belittle religion or make a joke of it which affected my perspective on religion temporarily which is dangerous for anyone who wants to respect religion and its teachings at all cost. It came to a point where I realized the risk of having even just one friend who could care less for God was not worth it. I analyzed every single friend I had and asked myself if they inspire me to become a better person or the other way around. To the friends that were not the best influences, I kindly let them go and asked for distance with no hard feelings. You can always remain acquaintances with the friends you want to let go of, but not see them as often as you used to for the sake of your deen.

Take a social media cleanse

Sometimes we compare ourselves to others more often than we think. Influencers are called influencers for a reason. I recommend you follow Muslim influencers that meet your modesty and hijab goals. This means unfollowing the ones that are the opposite of what you wish to achieve. Doing this heavily inspired me to wear hijab with ease since I was able to get hijab ideas and modest fashion inspiration as someone who was never taught about the importance of modesty when growing up. My personal favorite influencer was Batul Bazzi, and seeing her modesty and hijab journey has been so special to me since I was inspired to wear hijab because of her. Hence, following hijabi influencers can be the key to how you perceive the beauty of hijab so pick who you follow wisely.

Pick the right Hijab

Sometimes it's not the hijab, but rather the type of hijab. Personally, I do not love how I look in jersey hijab, but I can wear modal hijabs any day. So play around with which fabrics and styles you like until you find one that not only suits you, but empowers you. Fabrics range from: modal, jersey, chiffon, crinkle, etc. Everyone has their personal preferences and journeys with hijab but I recommend to start off with the easiest one: Jersey or modal, and have fun with it. 

Listen to Lectures on Hijab

Islamic lectures on hijab was a game changer for me. It's one thing to like the hijab, but another to wear the hijab with meaning. I wouldn't recommend wearing the hijab until you know why you're wearing it. After all, you are wearing an ayah from the Qur'an. You can find lectures and blogs on the internet but one of my favorites is from Belal Assaad: Understanding Mahram & Hijab.

Make Dua

Last but not least, of course, make dua. Remind yourself everyday why you want to make this decision and make sure Allah swt is the number one reason before anything else. Although it is intimidating due to: family, friends, work, culture, or personal fears, dua can change that through the sake of Allah and the ease He can pour upon you. At the end of the day, you have absolute free will. Here is a supplication for Hijab: Dua.

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  • Safiyya Dacuyan on

    ASA this is very true where your environment is, you have to repot the flower and place it in a new environment to see it grow. My family and I have made some huge sacrifices recently and Alhamdulillah I am able to repot and lay my roots down in a different environment.

    This Ramadan was not only spiritually rewarding but made me realize how much I needed to fast. It has not been easy being the only Hijabi I see working in corporate America, I have found myself truly alone and out of place as a revert. I can only imagine what my sisters went through during 9/11 while covering.

    I have been asking Allah for guidance and with Duas and belief know that every challenge and painful experience I have went through is for a reason. I have to unapologetically be who I am today because when I look at myself in the mirror, I see an evolved version of myself that comes from me wearing the Hijab. I remember it is a honor that Allah guided me to Islam in a way that almost feels unreal at times.

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