Print Perfection: Styling VELA Prints

Print Perfection: Styling VELA Prints

Printed hijabs are back and trending better than ever!  

Prints are the perfect way to express your unique style and stand out from the crowd. This summer season, they're not just for the brave fashionista adding definition to their look, but for everyone looking to add a bit of excitement to their everyday outfits. Summer 2024 is all about vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns that complete the whole look!

As a print enthusiast, I love seeing how other hijabis style their prints and often draw inspiration from their outfits. I've found some cute inspo on TikTok (for reference, check out @_hana.yous and @sxmna try-on hauls!), and I am loving the drapey, flowy, and loose looks that are perfect for this season!

Introducing VELA's all new printed hijabs as part of their latest Summer '24 collection - currently released as you read this:

VELA Deco Linen: Beautifully soft and effortlessly breezy, this hijab pairs perfectly with any outfit!
VELA Deco Forest: Adding a splash of color and brightening up your look will be complete with this vibrant green print!
VELA Deco Chestnut: Elevate your style even more with this rich, dark chestnut hijab, perfect for both summer and fall season!

I can definitely see myself rocking these prints and styling them up and/or down this upcoming season. These three meshes effortlessly with every look plus with the new soon to be released two-tone abayas! Shop them before they go!

How to Style Vela Prints

1. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to pair your Vela hijab with different patterns and textures. A floral hijab can look stunning with a striped top, plain dress, maxi skirt, anything!
2. Keep It Simple: Let your Vela print hijab be the main focal of your outfit. Pairing bold prints with neutral or solid-colored clothing can balance the look.
3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize: Add minimal accessories to complement your printed hijab without overpowering it. Very delicate jewelry, statement footwear and/or or a simple handbag does the job!


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