Our Dreamiest Ramadan Drop is Here

Ramadan Drop

The feeling of your forehead against the carpet during long nights of prayer. The watercolor sky during the last few moments before Maghrib. Breaking fast with love and laughter, surrounded by family and friends. The smell of sweet and spicy chai on the stove as you prepare those sticky, sweet, and crunchy treats. The immense gratitude after a day of sacrifice for Allah.

Ramadan is truly a time unlike any other. Featuring 9 modal hijabs and 4 abayas, our 2023 Ramadan drop is inspired by all the special little moments that make this holy month the most blessed time of year. Here’s a breakdown of our dreamiest Ramadan collection yet.

Solid Woven Hijabs 

Ramadan is a delight for the soul and our senses, and we wanted that to shine through the hand-dyed colors we selected for this collection. 

Lavender Lights 

The drive home from the masjid after a long night of Qiyam and Fajr hits different. Inspired by the subtle hints of lavender in the post-Fajr sunrise, this hijab compliments every complexion.

Medina Green

During a time when so many of us reconnect with the message of Our Beloved (peace be upon him), transport yourself to the city that was so beloved to him. This vibrant and timeless shade of green will take you there. 

Saffron Chai

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly sweet, spicy, and frothy cup of chai on a Ramadan night. Saffron Chai is a neutral with subtle rosy undertones that makes it a versatile staple in your Ramadan wardrobe. 

Celestial Pink

If you’ve ever gazed at the sunset during Maghrib, you’ve probably noticed that soft shade of pink majestically spread across it. When you’re wearing less makeup, you can count on this soft modal hijab to highlight your natural beauty. 

Ramadan 2023 Solidarity Scarf 

Ramadan is a month of sacrifice and charity. Every year, we introduce a Solidarity Scarf as part of the collection, to give VELA girls the opportunity to support a charitable cause and multiply their reward. This year’s Solidarity Scarf is Sadaqah Blue, a lightweight hijab inspired by the cool blue of soothing water that will be a favorite in your closet for years to come. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this hijab will be donated to help those impacted by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, through the work of Islamic Relief. 

Custom Ramadan 2023 Prints

In addition to our range of solid hijabs, we have 2 new custom prints designed just for you and inspired by the essence of Ramadan. 

Celestial Phases

We develop a unique connection to the night sky during Ramadan, and this hijab captures that. Featuring the phases of the moon against and bold, neutral backdrop, Celestial Phases will pair well with all your favorite abayas and Ramadan looks.

Qamar Print: Available in 3 Colors

Crescent moons and twinkling stars dance across this hijab, available in Black, Green, and Grey. Crafted in the softest modal fabric, this is the Ramadan hijab that will have you giving both elegance and festivity all month long.

Ethereal Abayas

We’re especially excited to introduce our brand new abayas designed in-house by our team. Whether you’re headed to the masjid or an iftar, you’ll feel like royalty in these flowy and stylish abayas. All of our abayas are available in a range of sizes and lengths, including sizes 0 to 16. 

Gold Metallic Abaya

You’ll be glowing like a Ramadan lantern in this abaya. With the illusion of velvet dipped in liquid gold, you can wear this as a flowy piece over your outfit or complete the look with a matching underdress. This abaya pairs perfectly with Truffle Mushroom and Moonlight. 

Silver Metallic Abaya

For the silver girlies, this light and breathable abaya brings the elegance. Grab a matching underdress for a seamless look or style it as a weighless overcoat. Try it with our Qamar Grey Print. 

Green Curve Abaya

Texture and geometric detail gives this abaya a unique touch you won’t find anywhere else! A perfect match with our new Qamar Green hijab, you can wear this abaya on its own or with our black underdress

Black Curve Abaya

This piece proves that a black abaya never has to be boring. Featuring a beautiful texture and curved edge detail, style this with the new Celestial Phases hijab and Qamar Black print.

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  • Mari on

    Ramadan Mubarak dears. Mashallah! Very beautiful collection. I am excited to get my new hijabs ❤️

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