Marwa’s Top Ramadan and Eid Gifts

Marwa’s Top Ramadan and Eid Gifts

As the last ten nights of Ramadan approaches, it's time to start planning thoughtful gifts for your nearest and dearest. Whether you're celebrating Ramadan or preparing for Eid, these hand picked selections from brands I’ve personally shopped are a perfect gift. 

1. Bare Hands

15% off with code MARWA15 — Elevate your nail care routine with Bare Hands, a brand committed to crafting natural and luxurious nail care products. Clean girl era has entered the chat and she brings the salon the experience to home. I’ve personally loved how polished and luxe my nails look.

2. Ami Cole 

If you really dont know what your friend would like as a Ramadan gift; makeup is the best bet! I’m a personal fan of their lip treatment oil. I love the brand's focus on melanin rich skin tones and the most beautiful formulation.

3. Mennas

A good gift for home and sets the perfect mood during Ramadan. Made with homage in mind; the bakhour is one of the highest qualities I've seen and I love the brands attention to elevated scents.

4. Nominal

Personalized jewelry from Nominal is always a win if you never know what to get a person. Who doesn't love their name written in gold? Their handcrafted pieces, featuring Arabic calligraphy and meaningful symbols, make for heartfelt gifts that will be cherished for years to come. I've had mine for years and still hasn't tarnished.

5. Kalos

Treat your loved ones to the gift of self-care with Kalos' luxurious skincare products. Formulated with natural ingredients and inspired by ancient beauty rituals, their range embodies purity and serenity. 100% proceeds from their watermelon hydra mist goes towards relief efforts in Palestine.

6. Halaballoo

Add a touch of personalization to your Ramadan and Eid gifts. Halaballoo's site offers so many customizable pieces. It's the perfect gift if you want to go for a sentimental touch. 

This Ramadan and Eid, show your loved ones how much they mean to you with these thoughtfully curated gifts from small business brands.


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