Limiting Your Bad Hijab Days with Magnets

Limiting Your Bad Hijab Days with Magnets

One of the trickiest problems with our hijabs is having them lay correctly. Whether it's adjusting during an exam or trying to think of a new style in the car whilst on the way to dinner, thinking about fixing my hijab gives me the same energy as a bad hair day. After a few years of trying different styles and materials, I finally understand just how to keep my hijab in place all day. Magnets, strong ones too. With how small they are, they go noticeably unseen, but their strength is underrated but equally surprising – enough to hold my hijab through record breaking desert windstorms (true story). 

VELA’s hijab magnets may seem small, but their durability ensures they'll stay with you through countless wears, all while limiting your hijab fraying from piercings. After trying magnets for the first time, I quickly said goodbye to my needles and pins; these magnets accomplish the same task without compromising the delicate material of hijabs. The magnets’ snag-less feature means you can achieve the perfect fit without worrying about leaving a mark—as these magnets leave no trace. Plus, with a range of neutral and vibrant shades available, they effortlessly complement and blend into all your hijabs. 

Initially, I was concerned about the potential for these magnets to easily get lost. The fear that one sharp turn would lead them to fall off me. However, I've since been proven wrong, and I couldn't be happier about it. Not once have my hijab magnets ever fallen off unexpectedly, a testament to their strength and reliability.

This style is my absolute favorite way to wear my hijab. A staple for all of the dresses or skirt days I choose to wear. For this style, I personally prefer a lighter material and length, which makes VELA’s woven standard the perfect option for this look. Here's how I achieve it: I lay the hijab on top of my head, allowing one side to be longer than the other for a layered effect. Then, I curve the longer side around my neck and toss it to the back. Next, I give it a gentle tug at the neck to allow some of the material to drape elegantly. This also enables me to wrap the shorter side around my neck and towards the back, creating complementary layers. Finally, I use a magnet to secure the pieces at my neck, ensuring a secure fit throughout the day. 

With VELA’s hijab magnets, I've found peace of mind knowing that my hijab will stay in place throughout the day, allowing me to be less afraid of my hijab not sitting right, but be more present and in the moment, and truly enjoying the outfits I pair with both my hijab, and magnets. I am forever thankful to never feel the pain of a bad hijab day ever again.


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