Introducing Vela’s Instant Hijab

Introducing Vela’s Instant Hijab

We’ve all been there - days when we have to run out of the house, can’t be bothered with pins and layers, are venturing out for a hot day out in the sun, or just need something low maintenance that we can wear and forget. VELA’s latest collection is a new, innovative take on the ideal solution for the hijabi on the go - the instant hijab. With adjustable ruching, lightweight material, and 3 panel design, our fashionable new instant hijabs make a statement without compromising comfort and convenience. 

The instant scarf is ready to wear when you are. Whether you’re a beginner experimenting with new styles, a student trying to make it in time for class, or a mom on the go, this is the hijab to reach for. By eliminating the need to wrap, adjust, or pin, our instant hijabs are a one and done - easily slipped on and off in seconds. Made from thin jersey material, they also never wrinkle, eliminating the stress of steaming or ironing before wear. 

One of the biggest appeals of an instant hijab is the comfort factor. VELA’s instant hijabs feature a V-notch under the chin, making them breathable and less constrictive than your typical instant hijab. Made from a lightweight, opaque jersey material, they are designed to keep you cool and comfortable in the Summer heat. 

While instant hijabs are the go-to for convenience and comfort, they aren’t always the most stylish option. That’s not the case with VELA’s instant scarf. In fact, if an instant hijab was an It-girl, it would be this one. In addition to providing a unique accent, the drawstring ruching is adjustable - giving you multiple styling options. Make the hijab shorter or longer depending on how much coverage you prefer. Tie the drawstrings in the back, make a bow in the front, let them hang as is, or simply hide them. Style it your way. 

VELA’s instant hijab is available in 8 colors: True White, Night Black, Smoky Silver, Dark Chocolate, Mocha Mushroom, Rosewater, Crema, and Dried Lime. Grab your favorites now! 



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