From City Girl to Snowing Alps: The Velaclava is Here

Last winter, balaclavas became the ultimate accessory. From the runway to TikTok, the headpiece went from a practical way to stay warm to a fashion statement. A year later, it’s clear the trend is here to stay for a while longer - and VELA has put its own spin on it, with the winter hijabi in mind. 

Meet the Velaclava

Since the traditional balaclava covers the entire head and neck, it’s no wonder many hijabis are eager to style them. However, while the coverage was there, the ones in the mainstream market were not made with the hijabi in mind. Our design team got to work and spent a year crafting a winter hijab inspired by the balaclava but with key benefits designed specifically for Muslim women who cover. 

What Makes the Velaclava Different Than a Typical Balaclava? 

The Velaclava is more than just a winter accessory for those that wear hijab, so it was important to us to make it both flattering and comfortable. The Velaclava is more tailored and sleek than the average balaclava, giving you a snatched neck. The opening around the face is also the perfect width to prevent feeling constricted. Finally, the Velaclava features a longer neck to ensure that the hair and neck are fully and effortlessly covered. 

Each of our 3 Velaclavas is crafted with design elements you won’t find anywhere else: 

Pearl Velaclava

Freshwater pearls adorn this hand knitted balaclava. Available in classic black and versatile beige, this chic winter hijab can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for a girls night out. 

Fastened Velaclava

For the edgy VELA girl, this fastened balaclava features 4 clasps at the neck. Try classic black to match all your cozy winter looks or winterberry pink for a burst of color. 

Basket Weave Velaclava

Hand knitted in a wool-cotton blend, a basketweave pattern gives this balaclava a classic, textural look. This beauty comes in versatile beige and a fun pop of winterberry pink.

When ear warmers over your hijab are not it and your hoodies pull on your scarf, our Balaclavas are a winter hijabi’s best friend. Get yours now!



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