Embracing Prints with VELA Hijabs

Embracing Prints with VELA Hijabs

Transitioning from our black hijabs to colorful ones requires a kind of courage similar to bravery itself. It’s a step outside our comfort zones, one many of us have been in for years. But leaping from colors to prints? That's a whole other level of daunting. Yet, as intimidating as it may seem, it's a journey well worth taking. Personally, my transition to printed hijabs was smoothed by VELA's unique patterns. They're both delicate and intricate, effortlessly elevating my outfits with a simple twist of fabric.

On those days when I crave some color, I opt for a vibrant hijab paired with a muted outfit. My first and forever favorite? VELA's Hatta Hijab — a print so unique, I've never encountered anything like it from other brands. It perfectly embodies VELA's promise of celebrating individuality and promoting culture as this hijab is an omage to Palestine; a print that I wear with pride and love. The vibrancy of this hijab speaks volumes, so I often let it steal the spotlight, effortlessly complementing an all-black ensemble, or contrasting with an amber red look. Whether it's a cozy sweater-and-jeans combo or a monotone sweatsuit set, these printed hijabs tie everything together so effortlessly.

One of my latest additions is the Navy Sediment pattern. Its neutral, cool tones make it surprisingly versatile, complementing a wide range of outfits. I have a habit of letting my printed hijabs shine on their own, draping them over a simple outfit to let their intricacies take center stage. Navy Sediment, with its regal flow, pairs beautifully with a cool-toned sweater dress, creating a balance where the outfit complements the hijab, and vice versa. It's a match made in hijab heaven, effortlessly beautiful and perfectly complementary.

Similarly, Navy Marble has depth to their design like Navy Sediment. With a little more rhythm and a slight bit more bold, I prefer Navy Marble as it's an essential staple that gives a twist to an overlooked pattern. 

With every glance in the mirror, questioning my choice of a multicolored hijab over my comfort zone of black or solid colors, I found personal growth both in myself and my clothes. Stepping out of my comfort zone allowed me to enjoy and have fun in fashion and explore new desires within clothing. Now most times I opt for a printed hijab over my solid ones, and every time I feel more beautiful than the last.


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