Double but No Trouble: How to Style Your Double Woven Hijab

Double but No Trouble: How to Style Your Double Woven Hijab

Opting for the hijab as a woman — is not just about looking good; it's about embracing a beauty that goes beyond aesthetics and emphasizing how one feels within. Beginning my own hijab journey at a young age, I ventured through all the phases: from the basic starting one piece hijab to the bold hot pink zebra print, and even to wearing hijabs that were longer than me. I've explored it all. Yet, as comfortable as I felt, truly owning my individuality remained a journey. It took years to find my true self while wearing the hijab, and honestly speaking, VELA played a significant role in this exploration. Through their own inspiration, I allowed myself to break free, blending my hijab with the aspects that define me, such as jewelry, and varying styles. In this blog, I’m describing my favorite hijab styles using VELA’s double wovens — the ones I choose every day for the confidence, elegance and gracefulness they provide.

Adorned in VELA's double woven Oasis Green hijab, the model embodies grace, her hijab a testament to modesty. One of the ways I would go about achieving this look is by dividing the scarf equally into two sides. Then, tossing one of the sides over my shoulder, and another over my head. That way I would be able to create both a look that provides an ample amount of coverage, and still flowy enough to compliment my outfit as seen in the second image. With a subtle play of fabric at the chin, this hijab style grants glimpses of her jewelry as well, like earrings that gracefully peek through. 

One of my absolute favorite ways to wear a hijab involves a unique blend of styling and wrapping, utilizing VELA’s hijab magnets. To start, I secure the back of my hijab at the base of my neck using the magnets. Next, I maneuver the malleable woven material to sit beneath my earring, and flip that side of the hijab over my head. This technique not only provides coverage for my ear and neck but also allows me to express my personality through the choice of jewelry.

In contrast to the right style, the left style adopts a more casual flip, as opposed to a tighter one. Securing the hijab at the base of my throat, I take one side and gracefully flip it over the top of my head. The remaining material gently grazes over both the front and back, creating a stylish and comfortable look. Thanks to VELA’s double size, I enjoy ample coverage while still showcasing my personal flair.

A staple in most, if not all, hijabis' styling libraries is the classic over-the-shoulder look. Deciding between keeping both sides equal length or making one side slightly shorter is all it takes to achieve this everyday style. Personally, I think it's perfect for those on-the-go days. With this style, I worry less about how my hijab is laid and am more comforted throughout my day knowing how flatteringly it sits. 

Okay, I think I lied. This style is my absolute favorite way to wear my hijab. A staple for all of the dresses or skirt days I choose to don. For this style, and especially since this is a double hijab, I will go ahead and wrap the hijab in on itself, but only slightly. Creating the “double” hem effect at the top of my hijab, as pictured. Then, forming one short and one long side, I will toss the short side over to my back, providing the first layer to this look. Then taking the longer side, and curving it around my neck, and tossing it to my back as well but leaving a bit of slack for that same side to drape along my arm. The two sides will meet in harmony, greeting one another in complimentary layers  The graceful flow my hijab embraces with this look, as I navigate through my day, is unparalleled. Sophistication and elegance at its finest. 

An elevated look, as seen on the right model, would be to, once again, divide the hijab into two slightly uneven sides – one short and one long side. Keeping the short side in the front, I would then wrap the long piece under the short one and toss it over my shoulder. Adjusting it depending on how loose you prefer your hijab, and you're done! It's one of the quicker but more elevated looks. If you prefer, you could once again use VELA’s versatile magnets and connect both hijab sides at the shoulder where they both lay near. That way, you can ensure a secure fit and have peace of mind about your hijab staying in place. With doubles especially, it's so convenient to have the ability to drape one side of the hijab in front and one in the back, providing such significant coverage.

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