Choosing Hijab According To Your Skin Tone

Choosing Hijab According To Your Skin Tone

Have you ever experienced a situation where you had a complete image of your outfit in your mind, only to discard all the ideas and opt for a completely different outfit and hijab at the last minute? This is because the initial choice didn't turn out as good as you had imagined, right? And how many times has this happened because you selected the wrong hijab color?

This is why it is crucial for us to choose the right hijab color that complements our skin tone as it plays a vital role in making us feel and look good throughout the day. So, how can you determine the perfect color for your skin tone? One way is to identify your undertones. Do you have cool undertones, warm undertones, or neutral undertones?

The easiest way to find out is by wearing jewelry. If gold looks better on you, then you have warm undertones. On the other hand, if silver suits you more, then you most likely have cool undertones. Another method is to examine your veins. Are they blue or green? If they appear more blue, then you probably have cool undertones. However, if they have a greenish hue, then you have warm undertones.

Cool skin

Cool skin tones are characterized by fair, very fair, and light-medium complexions. Soft pastel shades and muted tones are the most flattering for those with cool skin tones. VELA hijabs in shades like Celestial Pink, Lavender Lights, Serenity Blue, and Citrus Zest are ideal choices. Don't hesitate to experiment with light colors in your outfits, too. 

Warm skin tones

Think tropical and earthy tones like brown, sage green, gray, and dark blue work best. Opt for VELA hijabs in Light Olive, Bambi Brown, Shadow Grey, and Maroon to complement your complexion. To enhance your appearance, combine your outfit with hijabs in contrasting colors to create a more dynamic look.

Neutral skin tones

Any shade on the color wheel can be worn as a neutral. VELA hijabs such as Brown Dunes, Vanilla Silk Chiffon, and Celestial Floral Blush complement monochrome outfits perfectly. Due to your neutral skin tone, wearing a single-focused shade will make you look absolutely stunning.

All skin tones

Certain colors can complement any skin tone by striking a harmonious balance between warm and cool undertones, ensuring they do not clash with your complexion. Opt for timeless shades such as black, dark brown, and nude, as they have a universally flattering effect on everyone. 


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