Anti-Racism Classes & Workshops

Anti-Racism Classes & Workshops

The fight for racial justice has a long way to go, and in reality there is no end point to progress. The journey of unlearning, and engaging in the practice of anti-racism, is a life long one. So we put together a list of online classes and workshops, all led by Black women educators, because we realize that reading books and listening to podcasts is just a beginning, and could be too passive in the long run. Sometimes joining a community that is getting comfortable with discomfort over a sustainable amount of time, allows for more effective learning which can lead to more effective action. 

1. Rachel Ricketts: Spiritual Activism

Rachel Ricketts is an international thought leader and activist that hosts a workshop series on Spiritual Activism that promotes racial justice, reconciliation and healing. She also offers a curated list of anti-racism and racial justice resources.

2. Austin Channing Brown: ACB Academy

Austin Channing Brown is an NYT bestselling author and educator that provides a companion course to her book: I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness. So if you want to start off by reading her book and then take a self-guided deep dive to the curriculum, her course the ACB Academy is the way to go.

3. Layla F. Saad: Good Ancestor Academy

Layla F. Saad is the NYT bestselling author of Me & White Supremacy, host of the Good Ancestor Podcast, and the founder of Good Ancestor Academy. Her topic driven workshops cover: How to Show Up in BIPOC-Only Spaces Without White Centering, Allyship in the Workplace, Dismantling White Feminism, and Parenting & White Supremacy. 

4. Monique Melton: Unity Over Comfort

Monique Melton is an educator, author and speaker who provides online classes for those ready to look their bias’ in the eye. A great place to start is to take her Anti-Racism 101 Crash Course. Monique also runs a more in-depth program called Unity Over Comfort, which is a 12-week program on eliminating racism. 

5. Rachel Cargle: The Great Unlearn 

Rachel Cargle is an academic and activist that’s created programming and a community called The Great Unlearn, which offers a monthly self-paced syllabus of readings and video lectures. She also offers a free 30-day anti-racism course called #dothework (which has a self-paced syllabus sent to your inbox).

Whichever workshop or class you choose, we hope you encourage friends and family to take them with you. The VELA team has signed up for Rachel Ricketts' Spiritual Activism workshops and we invite our community to join us! We thank all of the Black educators and activists who have poured their heart and soul into providing these courses and workshops.


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