Hijab Sizes for Every Hijabi: Marwa Atik on Designing Inclusive Sizing

Hijab Sizes for Every Hijabi: Marwa Atik on Designing Inclusive Sizing

We’ve seen the fashion world move towards inclusive sizing - but what does it mean when it comes to hijabs? We sat down with Marwa, designer and co-founder of VELA, to learn more about what inspired the range of sizes and why it’s groundbreaking for the hijab industry.


A lot of people assume that inclusive sizing is just for clothing. Why make inclusive sizes available for hijabs? 

Style and hijab are personal journeys for everyone. VELA is here to support both. It’s apparent in our community that every girl wears her scarf in a way that caters to her personal style and each style requires a different size hijab. 

All VELA scarves are now available in standard, square, mini, and double. Why those 4 sizes? 

All of our designs begin with the hijabi girl in mind, and that includes our sizing. We started with the standard size as the default. However, we found that many people preferred more volume, something less transparent, or the ability to wear with no undercap. So we introduced the double size for the girls with that styling preference. 

The mini size came to be after a visit to a local Muslim school. I sat down with girls in 6th - 8th grade to have an open conversation about hijab. I soon realized that they never had a hijab catered to them. How could they be excited about hijab if they weren’t seeing products that were designed with them in mind? We did an activity where they could embellish their own hijabs with our standard size, but it was too large for their heads. There was a gap we needed to fill. I called Tasneem and told her that we needed to be there for them. At the time, her daughter Zahra was around the same age as the girls I met with earlier that day, so it hit close to home for both of us. We wanted her to feel represented and confident in her hijab in school, as well. The mini hijab size was born. Zahra was instrumental in the design process and was essentially our product tester when we were narrowing down the perfect size for young Muslimahs. Not only is it the perfect amount of fabric for younger girls, it’s also great for any hijabi who wants just enough coverage without the bulk or volume.

When it comes to our square size, the bandana look is very trendy at the moment. I remember watching my grandmother wear it that way while cleaning or cooking. I was spending time with Maria, literally an icon who has a strong influence in showcasing the timelessness of hijab and its history and culture. She said the only square hijabs she can find are satin, and how great it would be to have bamboo square hijabs. Now we do!

What makes VELA’s inclusive sizing unique? 

We are the first and only hijab company to make this available. Since we’re a design house and make our own fabrics, we’re able to offer the same fabric, color, and prints in a variety of sizes. It all starts with us, and that makes it possible to give every VELA girl what they want in a hijab. 

Shop our Fall Bamboo collection in the size that best suits you and your style - now available in standard, double, mini, and square sizes!



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