18 Eid Gifts for Everyone: The Ultimate Eid Gift Guide

18 Eid Gifts for Everyone: The Ultimate Eid Gift Guide

Eid Al Fitr is one of our very favorite holidays! Eid is a chance to reflect on a month of blessings, give thanks, celebrate with loved ones and exchange gifts. We rounded up the ultimate list of best Eid gifts organized by category that will make all your friends and family happy and make you the best gift giver!



Keep the Ramadan intentions going with this wool, handmade prayer rugs from a shared profits cooperative. Minimal and elegant prayer rugs that elevate any home. @tuniq_official


Fun and modern prayers mats that are multifunctional. For your friend who thinks outside the box. @niyya.co



Evil eye jewelry never looked so good. Inspired by middle eastern roots, these are too fun with accessible price points. @sayran

Hak the Label

Who doesn’t want a moonstone ring? Modern middle eastern inspired gold jewelry that’s still accessible and drool worthy. This brand is also a favorite of Marwa's@hakthelabel


Dar Collective

An oversized sweater is always a good idea, and you can customize your gift to your country with this timeless vintage travel series. @dar.collective

Louella by Ibtihaj

Gorgeous modest fashion founded by Ibtihaj Muhammed. This is the sage Eid dress right here. @louellashop


If we could be bold, introduce Vela to a friend or fam and share the love. Our new Spring '21 hijabs are inspired by attributes we want to grow like Fair Fuchsia, Kind Pink and Giving Green .


Live Tinted

Clean, vegan Huesticks are the ultimate make up gift because these color corrector/blush/lip multi-sticks suit everyone’s skin tone so you can’t miss. @livetinted

Kulfi Beauty

“If you’re in search of a creamy, ultra-pigmented eyeliner look no further than Kulfi Beauty.” - Byrdie. Enough said. @kulfi.beauty

Bare Hands

There has been a movement of bare nails this Ramadan, and Bare Hands is leading the way with this natural shine restorative nail care. @bareyourhands

Henna by Azra

Henna got the ultimate upgrade with this chic Henna Kit. Natural ingredients and full instructions make this the perfect Eid prep activity. @azrahenna


Slow Factory Open Education

Sign your loved ones up for this inspiring equity centered series of education classes (donation based), with classes like "Fashion and Waste" and "Fashion and Prison Labor" they’ll thank you for introducing them. @theslowfactory

Make a Donation

Donate in the name of a loved one to the three organizations we worked with this Ramadan. Uyghur Foundation to support Uyghur orphans in Turkey. Yemen Foundation create food baskets to address the famine happening in Yemen. Asiyah Women’s Center to support survivors of domestic violence with shelter, therapy and other services.


Diaspora Co.

These gorgeous, single origin spices sourced from small family owned farmed across India are sure to please even the pickiest of family members. @diasporaco

Let’s Eat

Tired of the same old recipes? This collection of East African and Indian inspired recipes by the talented Zaynab Issa will get you excited about cooking again. @zaynab_issa


Crescent Moon Bookstore

Eid planning can be hectic, having one go to source for kids Eid gifts is the best. With crafts, toys, books and decor Crescent Moon Bookstore makes Eid shopping easy for mom’s and friends alike. @crescentmoonbookstore

Little Hibba

Nothing says best Auntie in the world than a custom Eid gift. Personalize all kinds of Muslim children’s books and win the best Eid gift award. @littlehibba

My Arabi Box

We know how hard it is to learn Arabic as third culture kids, so this gift is what we wish we had when were kids. Learning Arabic is reimagined with this box of books that will delight. @myarabibox


Made After Hours

Unique Eid cards are hard to come by, but these beautiful, hand designed cards are the ones you've been looking for to wish a Eid Mubarak! @madeafterhours

Wishing you and all your loved ones a very happy Eid Vela fam! 


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