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Mars Ley
Very soft! Great color!

The material is extremely soft and breathable, and the color is so rich! I wear it a lot even when it doesn’t match my outfit because it’s just really comfy!


The absolute BEST undercap I've ever used! The size and the tightness is absolutely perfect for me. I have nearly 10 years worth of loc'd hair ("dreadlocks") and I cover my hair to honor my head, (my husband and my Heavenly Father) and my ancient cultural/heritage traditions, but also cover my hair to keep my hair clean when going out in public. I love this undercap because it holds all of my hair in place and it doesn't give me a giant bulge in the back of my head because of the volume of my hair. Easy to slip on and easy to slip off. It's not as dark black as pictured, it's a little dull but it still works fine. For those of us with African hair, you need to wear something underneath it to protect your hair but the cap will still fit perfectly over it.


Really comfortable and doesnt slip as much as other cotton undercaps. The color Oak is also perfect for dark brunette hair, much softer than black but cooler than other browns. This is my go-to!

Jeneil Freeman
Breathable no slip undercap

This undercap is great because it breathable and it has enough space for long hair and even braided styles. It also great because it doesn’t slip. I like to wear mine every night for sleeping.

fiza vali

the cotton undercap

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