[Old] Our Story




In 2009 scarf options were sad. So Marwa & Tasneem decided to create the scarves that they dreamed of wearing. With courage, creativity and perseverance the two sisters paved the way for a new vision of what modest fashion wear should look like.

"10 years later and we’re still redefining the game,
reclaiming narratives, and representing."

Our Scarves

Designed in house by Marwa to be effortless in every way. From our custom color curation to our airy, breathable fabric, we create scarves to serve and celebrate you. With our hand-sewn and hand-dyed fabric, our VELA Girls know they don’t have to compromise on quality.


"Cool, easy, comfortable scarves that make you feel your best."

Women's Scarves

Our Mission

"We want to help women feel like their best selves as they take on the world, through effortless scarves on the cutting edge of fashion. We aim to push culture forward by reclaiming our narratives and leading on inclusion and representation."

"We strive to keep innovating on fabric, design and
accessories, to serve and celebrate you."