Dark Grey Solid

$12.99 USD $17.99 USD

This Dark Grey shade comes in two fabric options both in viscose and modal. Made with our custom woven and custom dyed fabric -- making it light weight and breathable, perfect for any season. Slubs and slight imperfections are natural due to the nature of the fabric. 

Comes in two size options! The viscose is standard width size and modal is maxi size. Please indicate which size works best for you below! 

*Important: colors may bleed please wash separately 


Viscose Standard size: 75 x 185cm

Modal Double width size: 100 x 185cm



Handle with care

DO NOT wash with loads or machine wash.

Hand Wash cold only or dry clean. 

Please see care label for further instructions


BOTH fabrics are the same fiber content, softness, shine & quality. Both fabrics are sourced from viscose fibers however the only difference is in the weight and size. The modal weave is slightly thinner than the viscose. The viscose comes in a standard size (75 cm width) and the modal comes (100 cm width). The modal is wide enough to fold in half. We did this to give you multiple size options, so please make sure you pick the one you want!

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