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Love it. Beautiful


Expensive but great quality

Anastasiia Polievyk
beautiful look, but not good quality for this price

I do love Vela and I have purchased quite a lot of scarves made from different materials. I have left many positive reviews and I love each scarf I have. Unfortunately, this scarf was a bit a disappointment for me. It was sold out so fast and I was so excited to buy it right away as it was restocked.

However, the moment I touched this scarf, some beads started to fall off right away. The stitching is too fragile that I am afraid even to touch it more....Maybe it is due to material, but I can see even holes around beads...And to be honest the beads look a bit cheap from close look.

It does give a fancy gorgeous look from far, but I am not sure how much far I can walk without beads falling down again.... wish Vela would focus more on quality of the items sent, not only design and ideas. I think it is unfair to sit and stich myself for 50+ dollars purchase. Unfortunately, since I live in Europe, and my friend brough the purchase from me from the US, so it does not make sense for me to claim refund or exchange, otherwise I would. Maybe I was not lucky.

STARGAZER - ROUGE RED stitching seems more firm and reliable + beads look more fancy (i would say antique even).

I hope Vela team will pay attention to the quality of such interesting ideas. I am leaving this review, because I wish my favorite brand to be only better.❤️ Will wear it on some special occasions with hope that it will survive=)


The beads are plastic, very mid quality. The fabric is very very thin, and is already pilling and it hasn’t even been a week, Not worth it unfortunately :(


I am in love with this hijab. It is so so beautiful and the quality is amazing. I ended up buying a couple of the other mulberry silk hijabs as well.

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