Your Cheat Sheet for Styling Printed Hijabs

Your Cheat Sheet for Styling Printed Hijabs

Printed head scarves can be intimidating. It can be hard to know what goes with what, and what is overdone versus stylish. While they may require a little more coordination than a solid modal or silk chiffon hijab, printed scarves are a great way to add depth and dimension to any look. Here are some things to keep in mind when styling your patterned hijabs.

Abstract Prints

If you’re new to printed modal hijabs, abstract patterns are a great place to start. Build your entire look around the hijab by pulling colors directly from the print, like @sabrinaajeylani. This gives you endless possibilities since most prints contain 2 or more different colors! You can also play with a neutral-colored fit, done effortlessly by @sumaya.shaarif, making the abstract print the perfect finishing touch.

Bold Prints

Have you ever styled an outfit around a statement bag, shoes, or piece of jewelry? Bold prints are exactly that - a statement piece. When working with a funky, loud pattern, let the print be the star of the show. Dip into color theory and pair with a complimentary solid color. Take inspo from @ayahkawsara and opt for a simpler hijab style and minimal accessories to allow the print to stand out. Or, commit to a bold look and go all out like @thisissumayya

Floral Prints

Tap into your feminine energy and embrace your inner romantic with floral prints. While florals are especially popular during spring and summer months, get creative like @kingkhadija with warmer colors in the fall and winter. While many people prefer to pair prints with solids, subtle, like-toned graphic prints such as polka dots or stripes tend to go well with floral prints in particular. As always, you can never go wrong with neutrals or monochrome like @modestly.ahdi.

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