Winter Styles: Cozy Fits to Get Inspired

Winter Styles: Cozy Fits to Get Inspired

With the seasons changing and the festivities of winter not long away, it’s time to get your winter fever on and reload your wardrobe. We know that this year has been tough, finding the energy to dress up, to look cute and to just be YOU hasn’t been easy and that’s okay. Whether you are in lockdown or not, don’t let the gloomy season get you under the weather, it's time to find a little joy during these misty moments.

Here are a few powerful and gorgeous women, showing us how to kick ass during the cold and crisp seasons!

vela scarf muted sage fitsbyfatimaOversized for the win! You can never go wrong with oversized jumpers and trousers. Fitsbyfatima has chosen the perfect color combination that adds a certain flair to the outfit. Fatima has paired her outfit with Muted Sage, adding a subtle hint of color to the outfit, and making a confident statement. We love to see it!

tasneemmobarak_ vela scarf tanTrendy teddy fits! Teddy coats are perfect for the cozy seasonal look. Tasneemmobarak has beautifully paired her coat with white wide leg trousers and military boots. This VELA girl is rocking our Tan scarf with her outfit and we love it! Light shades are perfect for fall and winter in order to brighten up the cold seasons!

nawalsari dule de leche vela scarfGroovy Baby! Nawalsari is looking fabulous in our Dule de Leche worn with a luscious zebra print wide leg, that we can't get enough of! This stunning look takes us back to the early 60’s and with this groovy and sleek style you can give that extra pop to your wardrobe. So why not take the risk, because you can never go wrong with a bit of print! 

kingkhadija vela scarf leopard printKnits galore! Kingkhadija is seen in our Leopard Print and she is slaying the game! She’s looking radiant in her comfy mustard knit jumper and high waist skirt, paired with stunning statement sunglasses. This effortless combination is an easy and cosy fit during the seasonal changes. You can never go wrong with a bit of leopard print and your favorite winter knits!

justbriyonce vela scarf unbleachedKeeping it simple! Justbriyonce has put together a very elegant yet formal fix. She matched it nicely with our Unbleached scarf, a grey jumper and smart trousers, topped off with a sleek oversized off the shoulder cream coat. Again, adding some sharp contrast to make a fierce statement and bring out the stunning details that the outfit holds.

marwa atik vela scarves dulce de leche Trenched in colors! Our very own Marwaatik is wearing the stunning Dulce de LecheThe colors perfectly bounce off one another, drawing in a soft touch to the wardrobe during the crisp and cold seasons. Paired with wonderful white cowboy boots, high waist trousers and a phenomenal trench coat, each adding a bold statement to the outfit and we absolutely adore it!


We hope you enjoyed our top style steals, and remember to tag us in your photos, to show us your stunning outfits and looks. We can’t wait to see what the coming seasons have in store for you!

Seasons greetings!

This article has been written by our talented guest contributor Faiza Saqib a 23-year-old Journalist, content creator and poet from London, U.K. She’s previously written for the Middle East Monitor, as well as other publications and published her first ever poetry book in 2017. You can find her at @Simplyf.s.


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