Ways to Give Back

Ways to Give Back

When you feel like the world is dark you sometimes forget that you can be a light for others. By lighting someone else’s world, you light up your own. So we’ve listed some ways you can help during this time.

What VELA is doing:

Throughout April we are donating a portion of proceeds from sales to Islamic Relief USA to go toward food support, financial assistance and hygiene kits for those affected by Covid-19.

If you missed it, last week VELA donated a portion of proceeds from sales to Baitulmaal. Their fundraiser is still going on if you want to help.

Masks & PPE for Healthcare Workers:

Seeing all these posts about the dire situation for our health care workers? You can send masks you have to healthcare workers without leaving your house with Mask Match. @masks4medicine is also working to get PPE to NYC doctors, who are at the epicenter of the pandemic in the US. 

The Elderly:

Invisible Hands matches volunteers in the greater NY area with elderly who need groceries and supplies delivered. 


Gaza and Syria need help with responding to the pandemic and UNRWA has released a flash appeal to help those communities. At the moment they are matching your donation.

Simple Acts of Kindness:

Simple acts of kindness can have big effects. Set up a table for extra non-perishable goods in your neighborhood. Invite your community to take what they need & leave spare items for others.

You have the agency to make a difference in someone’s life through even the smallest act or donation. And if you want to support a small business and donate to those most in need at the same time, pick out a cozy VELA and have a portion go to Islamic Relief USA.


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