The Curated Guide to a Virtual Ramadan

The Curated Guide to a Virtual Ramadan

At this point you may be overwhelmed with all the different ways you can have a “virtual Ramadan” this year. Whether you’re in too many Ramadan Whatsapp groups or don’t know which livestream to turn to, we decided to simplify it with a curated guide. 

On that note, the pressure of productivity culture can have you feeling like you must do it all this Ramadan, because “hey, there’s nothing else to do!”. But this sacred month is simply about connecting or reconnecting with Allah in whatever way works best for you. We all have different journeys towards God and that’s a beautiful thing. We hope these resources help you on your individual journey.

1. If you want to make an impact: MPower Change has created a fantastic website called Digital Ramadan to help direct you to different ways to give back. It also includes other great resources. 

2. If community prayer is your jam: NYU Chaplain Khalid Latif hosts a nightly community Dua and reflection which is a beautiful way to end your day.

3. If you have kids and you want to teach them bite sized 'Khawaatir' or lessons: This guide is clear and beautifully done. We personally love it for adults too.

4. If a pretty planner would inspire you: This planner has been making the rounds in the Muslim community and for good reason! You can track prayer and Quran, it provides a Dua of the day. It's something we didn’t know we needed until we saw it. 

5. If you want simple, weekly programs: The Majlis has a few curated programs like a once a week Journey through the Quran. Marwa is a big fan.

6. If you just want to listen to a podcast: We can’t recommend Omar Suleiman’s Ramadan podcast with Yaqeen Institute enough. He’s doing a run through of the Quran's Ajza’ (Juz plural) with his Quran 30 for 30, it features other great guests.

7. If you're big picture and want to see it all: This compilation of all the different Ramadan programming that’s going on in one live calendar gives a bird's eye view. Pick and choose to your heart’s delight!

No matter what your Ramadan looks like this year, we hope it's a blessed one filled with God's love and mercy.


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