Summer Styling

Summer Styling

Getting creative with your VELA this Summer can bring a burst of much needed joy. So we reached out to some of our favorite ambassadors to show us how they have fun with their scarves. We were so inspired by their Summer takes and think you will be too!

Have fun with the VELA Hoop

@kingkhadija wows with her pairing of Allspice and two VELA Hoops in Natural Wood. You can recreate her style by using a Hoop at the top (tutorial can be found here), with a second Hoop tied to the end to create a cute nautical look.

Play Up your Makeup

@ayahkawsara inspires us to go all out and have fun with our makeup! The Hyper Aqua scarf paired with her pearl eye-makeup is so good, we can practically hear the ocean. Go ahead and add a splash of colorful eyeshadow or eyeliner to match your scarf, we dare you. The Bandana

Khadija takes inspiration from @nawalsari here, who put this look on the map. Using the Silk Crocodile Square tied back in a bandana style, with Gravity Grey underneath, this two-in-one style is the kind of carefree we love. 

Throw a Hat On

We love a good bucket hat, and @azaliavjan knows how to rock one like no other. It’s an effortless look to pull together, especially with neutrals like Unbleached & Dulce de Leche shown below.


Thank you to our wonderful VELA Ambassadors who created these fierce looks! Now we wanna see how you style your VELA this Summer, tag us on IG with #velasummer and we'll repost in stories. Stay safe out there!


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