Self Care in the New Year

Self Care in the New Year

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it would be to walk through life with purpose, to experience each day as though it may be your last and to take a chance with all that was once put aside. It hasn’t been an easy year, it's been a year of understanding, education, pain and loss. With that being said, I hope we were all able to pause and listen to our mind, body and soul.

Here is a small VELA self-care guide to get you ready for the new year, as well as remind you that it's okay to zone out, take some time for yourself and embrace the essence of self-care.  

The Social Media Detox! It’s easy to get lost in our little digital screens, scrolling away as time loosely flows amidst the chaos. Social media is often an escape from reality, but what if we took a pause from it once in a while? Taking that momentary break will allow you to see the positives of social media, granting you stronger connections and a better sense of separating the real from the digital. Escape into a different world! Set the mood with your winter goodies, a cup of tea and warm candle, as you escape reality with your favourite TV shows and movies. Recently, I found myself in the magical world of ‘The Hobbit’ and of course the ever so famous ‘Lord Of The Rings’ sequels. Setting aside time for yourself to just watch the things that you love, will allow your body and mind to unwind, as well as be in a still state. So switch off and dive into a different realm - the choice is endless and the choice is yours! Keep that body movin’ and a groovin’! With many places around the world in a state of lockdown, we know working from home can be difficult. It can take a toll, not just on your mind but also your body. Doing light movements throughout your day will keep the body awake and healthy. Take breaks between studying and work, stretch your body out, put on your favourite song and allow your body to move to the rhythm. Remember, you must listen to your body, don’t feel any pressure but do what feels right. Whether that is a few light stretches to get things kicked off or an at home full body HIIT workout. Just keep that body movin’ and groovin’!Mental Health Matters! Hey, we know it’s not easy, so please don’t feel like you have to carry the whole world on your shoulders. Your mental well-being matters, so reach out to friends, family members, therapists and to your local helplines to get you through these tough times. Sometimes speaking to someone can go a long way, it can help us make sense of things around us and allow us to ground ourselves. I want you to remember, you're not alone. Physical isolation does not mean you have to isolate yourself from those around you, a phone call or a text can ease your heart and mind. You matter, your voice matters and more importantly, you are deeply loved. Pamper and treat yourself! Now, if 2020 and lockdown has taught me one thing, it would be to embrace the silence for a moment and pamper myself! Get out your favourite face masks, hair oils, body mists and pamper yourself when you feel like you need a little extra self-care. Remember, natural remedies are the best kind, so research what may be best suited for your skin and hair, as everyone is different. It’s time to pop the kettle on, kick up your feet and unwind to a dose of self-love and self-care!

It’s been a challenging year, but here at VELA we wanted to remind you to take care of yourselves going into 2021.

This self-care guide is only a few of many steps that you can take into making your mind, body and soul feel at peace. Want to share some of your favourite self-care tips? Tag us in your photos or share those special moments with us, via Instagram. 


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