Revert Series: Zoroastrianism to Islam in 3 Months

Revert Series: Zoroastrianism to Islam in 3 Months

It is a recent discovery that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, according to Pew Research. Roughly 23% of American Muslims convert to Islam annually. By 2030, over 79 countries are projected to have more than 1 million Muslims. To say the least, Islam is growing globally and there are millions of converts that inspire Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Nikki, a non-Muslim considering Islam, is one in a million. 

Nikki is a 21-year-old girl whose family originally stems from Zoroastrianism. As a family, they immigrated to America from Iran due to the Iranian Revolution, or the Islamic Revolution (1978-1979), which was a series of events rooted in religious motives that led to dissenting perspectives. Nikki has been studying Islam for over six months during 2023 with the help of her Muslim friends offering encouragement and resources. From her studies and interest, she fell in love with Islam immediately. The surahs of the Quran and emulating beauty that the Muslim community reflected is the reason she was drawn to Islam. After several months, she decided Islam was her peace – the only issue was family.

Her family had prejudiced perspectives on Muslims from the aftermath of the Iranian Revolution. Nikki decided to sit down with her family and tell them her recent experiences with the Muslim community and newly found peace within Islam. Telling her parents was no easy task and they were infuriated as expected. “They hold so much resentment against the faith due to their upbringing,” stated Nikki. Even though they were not cheerful for her decision to seek Islam, they still loved her regardless of her faith. The hardest part of becoming Muslim, according to Nikki, was dealing with family being unsupportive. The transition to become a hijabi would be too difficult since “it would be hard on my family.” However, she has practiced modesty day by day and felt more protected and safe as a woman when covering herself.

Modesty is a struggle for many women in Islam. Like most reverts, modesty is not emphasized or taught by their families or culture. Nikki decided to practice it for Islam and for herself. Nikki claimed to have felt “safer” as a woman when she is covering herself. The power of modesty allowed Nikki and muslim women around the world to experience the same empowerment which is the root of modesty. Although her family was somewhat hesitant for her new decisions, they were inspired. 

Life as a new Muslim offered her peace, especially after the recent passing of her friend. “When she passed away, I felt alone and at rock bottom. Instead of seeking distractions and falling down a hole of depression, I turned to Allah and realized I would never be alone again,” said Nikki. Luckily, she had Muslim friends to offer comfort and guidance as she sought Islam. They were her biggest supporters that came to her at the perfect time. Learning about Islam was difficult due to the many different credentials and perspectives roaming the internet; however, she mainly relied on YouTube and debate videos online that ended up being the most informative. Overall, the journey to Islam was personal with certain obstacles, but it was possible and worth undergoing for the sake of Allah ﷻ.  

Alhamdulillah for new Muslims and those seeking Islam. May Allah reward each revert on their journey to and within Islam. Barakallahu feek wa saddada khutak. 

Resources for new Muslims

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Cassandra is a student writer at CSUF with experience in feature article writing. As a recent convert to Islam, she appreciates interviewing Muslims from all aspects to showcase the meaning of modesty and Islam in varying degrees.


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