Mix and Match: How to Style Neutral Hijabs and Winter Outfits

Mix and Match: How to Style Neutral Hijabs and Winter Outfits

Hello sisters - let me introduce myself, my name is June and I am a blog contributor here with VELA. For my first article, I am going to explore mix and matching neutral hijabs and what essential hijab color that you should have based on my experience. Without further ado let’s get started.

Neutral and black are two essential colors that you should have in your wardrobe. Why? There are many reasons but the number one is timelessness. In the era that we should put sustainability above fashion trends, timelessness and seasonless materials are the must-have elements. Nowadays winter always means many layers, so we can wear the clothes in another season when the weather is getting warm. We just need to invest our money in a few high-quality clothing and colors that are easy to mix and match. This is the same with hijab, we should invest in high-quality material such as VELA’s signature fabrics.

This VELA black jersey is perfect for winter, they are made of lightweight material and keeps you warm from the cold weather and wind (especially if you live in the U.K., the wind is very strong). I am pairing it with a faux shearling coat (it is the best investment because this model will be trendy all the time) and denim jeans.

However, if you live in a place that is not really cold such as my home country, Indonesia or California, VELA café cream silk chiffon is perfect. This material is so good in the hot and humid weather. It is breathable and light. I always use the chiffon collection if I am in Indonesia so I will not sweat and be comfortable all the time. I am pairing it with neutral knitwear, a white cotton shirt and cotton trousers.

Hence, it is important for us to choose essential clothes for our wardrobe so it can last forever. If you are a beginner in using hijab, I suggest that the first color you should have is black and neutral like shown in the picture. In our situation we are constantly bombarded with advertising and imagery that promises of wordly belonging in our eyes and eyes. We should take example of our Prophet (PBUH). There are numerous hadiths saying that he named each item he wore that indicated how dear each item of garments he owned was loved by him without the desire of worldly attachment that could cloud his heart. For the Prophet ﷺ (PBUH) the act of putting on garment was an act of worship by thanking God for His blessing, and using the blessing as a means to becoming closer to Divine one. 


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