How to Organize your Scarves

How to Organize your Scarves

A messy pile of scarves can bring on stress, and there is more than enough of that these days. Tidying up your scarf collection can be a fun stay at home project that brings peace of mind. It also makes getting dressed seamless, because you can see your collection of gorgeous hand-dyed scarves better.

Our awesome VELA Ambassador, Sarah of @hijabioffthegrid, came up with an easy tutorial to create the floating rack and hijab hangers of your dreams. Follow along and find the products she used linked below!What you’ll need to create the perfect scarf hangers:


  1. You don’t need to remove the rubber on the hangers, but you can if you want. *update: a previous version of this article had us spray painting the hangers gold, however we found that they don't hold up well in heat when you paint them, and could potentially damage your scarves*
Enjoy your super chic, perfectly sized hangers! 

What you’ll need to create a glam floating scarf rack:

    Wall Mounted Rack

    Security Bracket

    Spray Paint

    Top Coat


    1. Safety first. Spray the wall mounted rack and extra security brackets in an open space. 
    2. Spray one layer on and let dry overnight. Then spray a second layer and let it dry overnight again. Allowing them to dry overnight prevents transferring color to your precious scarves.
    3. Spray a top coat of clear satin spray to prevent scratches. Let dry overnight.
    4. Secure the rack onto the wall that works best.
    5. Attach one security bracket to each side of the rack right above the top screw.
    Hang your scarves on your beautiful new hangers and admire how beautiful your VELA collection looks!

    Round out your collection & shop the floating rack:

    Barely Pink  /  Cream Puff  /  Silver  / All Spice  /  Cinnamon  /  Light Olive

    Thank you to our VELA Ambassador: Sarah of @hijabioffthegrid, for inspiring us & sharing this tutorial!

    If you build a floating rack for your light as air VELA collection we want to see! Share your version with #tidyvela and we'll repost it on IG. Stay safe & healthy.

    Warning: Our airy, lightweight VELA scarves are no problem for this rack, but be cautious of the weight you add, if you have other kinds of scarves.


    • Masha Huq on

      Assalamu Aleikum Wa Rahmatuallahi Wa Barakatuhu♥️,

      JAZAKALLAHU KHAYRAN For you post!

      Is the hanger good for maxi woven hijab?

    • Hauwa Abbas on

      This would be such a good project to do while in quarantine, I think I am going to do it!

    • Alina Din on

      Love it!

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