8 Affirmations About Allah & Gaza Based on His Names

8 Affirmations About Allah & Gaza Based on His Names

One of the biggest tests of faith is watching innocent people suffer. When we see the horrifying images and hear the stories coming out of Gaza, we may feel hopeless. As Dr. Omar Suleiman mentioned in a recent stream, times like this are an opportunity to strengthen our faith so that we may benefit the people of Gaza in the best way we can - our du’as.

Here are 8 affirmations about Allah and the current situation in Gaza to remind us of His Greatness, strengthen our faith, and lift our spirits as we continue to call on Him on behalf of our oppressed brothers and sisters.

  1. Al-Muhaiyman: The One in Complete Control

Everything that is happening and has happened to the people of Gaza is with His permission and by His decree. The oppressors only have the illusion of power.

O Allah, You are in complete control and we trust in You. Show the oppressors and the world how little power they truly have.

  1. Al-Hakeem: The All-Wise

This is all part of His plan. We don’t understand it and we’re not supposed to. But we believe that He knows best. If the people of Gaza can maintain their trust in Allah and His plan during their most difficult moments, so can we.

Ya Hakeem, keep the people of Gaza steadfast in their trust in You. Forgive us when we watch their suffering and question Your wisdom. Keep our eyes open to the lessons You are teaching us during this time.

  1. Al-Ra’uf: The Intensely Merciful 

Allah has more mercy on His servants than our own mothers. He would not allow harm to befall the people of Gaza unless there is a greater good in it for them and the Ummah. One dip into Jannah will make them forget all the pain they’ve experienced.

O Allah, You are The Intensely Merciful. Have mercy on the people of Gaza. Show them Your kindness and compassion in this life and the next.

  1. Al-Muntaqim: The Avenger

Allah is the Lord of Retribution. He may allow the oppressors to commit their crimes against the people of Gaza today, but there is Judgment Day - and He is All Seeing, All Knowing. Every moment He gives them to continue their evildoing is another moment they will be punished for.

Ya Muntaqim, avenge the people of Gaza. Punish the oppressors for every demolished olive tree, every fearful tear, every sleepless night, every drop of blood, every loss of life.

  1. Al-Jabbar: The Restorer

Allah is the mender of the broken. We watch the people of Gaza and wonder how they could ever go back to their everyday lives again. But they have done this on and off for 80 years - a pattern of destruction and restoration. Hurting and healing. And He makes it possible.

O Restorer, mend all that is broken - their homes, their hearts, their dreams. Grant them better than what they have lost.

  1. Al-Qarib: The Near One

Allah has not forsaken the people of Gaza. He has not forgotten our Ummah. He is “closer than your jugular vein”. If we feel distant from Him at this time, we have created that distance ourselves.

Ya Qarib, let the people of Gaza feel Your closeness to them. Should they ever feel alone or neglected, allow them to see signs of Your presence all around them. Give us the strength and fortitude to grow closer to You through our du’as and acts of worship.

  1. Al-Haqq: The Truth

Their lies are widespread, but Allah is The Truth. Their deception will be exposed. It’s just a matter of time.

They hide behind their lies, and the world obliges without questioning. But You are Truth itself. Reveal the deception of the oppressors.

  1. Al-Salam: The Source of Peace

Even amidst the violence, Allah is The Source of Peace. He grants peace in small moments and large ones. And His Peace is perfect and does not come at the expense of Justice.

O Allah, You are Peace and from You comes peace. Grant the people of Gaza peace in their hearts and minds. Allow us to see the day when Palestinians finally taste peace in their lifetime. And if it is not written for them in this temporary world, grant them an eternity of peace in the Hereafter.


Zeena Alkurdi is the author of “99 Love Notes”, a collection of poetic prayers from a healing servant to her Lord. She is a marketing professional and proud single mom based in Dallas, TX. Follow her @zeenakurdi


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