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The worst under caps ever created. They’re so bad, the slip off of your hair, keep moving the hijab and literally so expensive. I wouldn’t buy them for $1….. horrible

Yasmine Mahmood
Nice, but sadly color is off😩

I really love the feeling of full coverage around my hair, especially with the light colored chiffon scarves I wear. I bought the nude color, and while I know colors can vary, I thought it would vary in beige tones if anything. The undercap I received looks like a light peach in person. Not nude or beige at all. It doesn’t match any of my neutral scarves and it definitely doesn’t look like the pic. Im honestly surprised no one else has mentioned it in the reviews. I’m keeping it to avoid the hassle of returning, but I’m pretty bummed because everything else about it is really nice. I can justify the price for the quality of the product though, it’s very nicely made. Unfortunately it’s just not as wearable as I needed it to be.


Just a basic undercap! Wayyy overpriced for what it's made of. A reasonable price would be $6.99 but $15 is an overstretch....

Kiana Favors
This undercap is awesome

I have always struggled with getting my under caps to stay in place and not slip throughout the day and I must say that this one does such a great job…I think I’ve only had to adjust it a few times out of the plethora of times I have worn it already. I got the feather under cap in black, but I think I prefer this one more, so I will most likely be ordering this one in black and white as well.


So far one of the best undercap, yes a little overpriced but it’s worth it. It doesn’t really slip off the head easily like all the others, the fabric is very soft and the design itself fits well on the head.

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