Eid at Saks

  • By Noor Elbershawi

Eid at Saks

Buzzing with the excited murmurs of women shopping, standing in line for henna, and trying various beauty products, the third floor of Saks was alive with the anticipation for Eid. As women flocked to our Eid at Saks event to enjoy the modern stylings of our fashion display and the appeal of quaintly wrapped cookies, the event once again proved to be a huge success. Surrounded by countless elegant displays, the Eid at Saks was the pinnacle of pre-Eid “treat yo self” culture, as women had the chance to scope new trends for the big day while simultaneously getting their henna done and getting their gifts wrapped. The event centered around Marwa Atik’s fashion display, which involved her styling a model in the latest summer trends paired with Vela's signature pieces to inspire the audience with Eid outfit ideas. With the craziness the end of Ramadan is known for, there is much appreciation to be found in women coming from all over to finalize their Eid glam.



Modern Eid offered a gift wrapping station, where guests could get their Eid presents wrapped in the brand's fresh take on decor as they finished their shopping.

Shoppers received exclusive gifts and access to select collections by Saks, including Clive Christian's latest scents and various luxury cosmetic lines.  


@TemporaryHenna's booth offered elegant henna designs to add to the pre-Eid excitement among the guests. 

Adding a sense of nostalgia to the event, the catering of traditional Arab kahk cookies was a sentimental touch to the modern take on the festivities. 

Vela's co-founder Marwa Atik brought the latest trends to the audience at the event, highlighting Eid outfit inspiration with the use of varying color schemes and stylistic concepts.  




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